Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow update

I purchased the Autumn at HRH pattern in September while I was in Booth Bay, Maine visiting my parents who were RVing there. What a great area... tons of shopping and great weather. I went to a great cross stitch shop and 2 great quilting shops. The cross stitch shop, The Stitcher's Corner had tons of patterns, some from designers that are no longer designing, which was nice to see, like Sisters and Best Friends. She also has lots and lots of Jobelan, Lugana, hand dyed pieces and Aida. And the upstairs room was full of every type of fiber you could want for Needlepoint and cross stitch. She also has lots of beautiful needlepoint canvases. And there are cats!!! Oliver and Snowflake. It is a great shop and I recommend visiting if you are in the area.

The 2 quilting shops are The Mariner's Compass and . Both are great shops and again I recommend visiting them if you are in the area.

Anyway, I'm moving along with Shores of Hawk Run Hollow which is fun to stitch. I ran out of 815, which I am using for the red (3777 in the pattern but not red enough for me) and bought a new skein but the color is just a smidge off from the one I was using. Hate that. You would have to look really hard to see the difference but it still bothers me a little. Here are some pictures.